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Career Virtual Executive Portfolios
An indispensible tool for managing your career in today's interconnected world...
Career Virtual portfolios have helped thousands of executives open the doors to rewarding new careers by demonstrating their value more effectively to hiring decision makers.
Changing times
In today’s world, candidates are competing on a global, web-enabled playing field.

Growing numbers of executives are using virtual portfolios to showcase their career strengths, network more effectively, and accelerate job searches.
How well can you compete?
Promoting yourself for a career move today the same way you did five or ten years ago can put you at a disadvantage.
You send a resume or CV... ...while your competition sends this:

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Who will they call?
How easily can prospective employers visualize the value that you can add to their firms?
The world is moving forward into richer online media, and senior executives need to keep up. The caliber of an executive’s online presence must rise to the stature of their achievements.

Forward-thinking executives are availing themselves of Career Virtual’s experienced portfolio designers to ensure they have the highest quality web presence for their personal brand.
Act now
Companies want to hire executives who are on top of the latest developments. It is essential for executives to project an up-to-date image of themselves to decision makers.

Get started today.

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