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Virtual Interviewing Solutions
A dynamic game-changer in job searchs...

Emerging technologies are accelerating the hiring process for executive management positions.

Virtual career solutions enable candidates to proactively conduct live virtual interviews with employers, moving themselves ahead in the hiring process and significantly accelerating career transition.

Buying decisions are made at a whole-brain level. Virtual interviewing engages an employer’s left and right brain, increasing a candidate’s psychological impact.

Greater impact propels the candidate ahead of the pack, and gives their campaign greater momentum to reach the hiring decision.
.Virtual Interviewing Suite

The virtual career solution suite is based upon our proven career portfolio platform, which reliably delivers virtual interviewing within the framework of a compelling business case for the client’s candidacy.

The portfolio supports simultaneous access by multiple hiring managers or decision makers concurrently from anywhere in the world. It can also be easily updated as executives complete important projects and add new responsibilities, making it a permanent career asset.

Virtual Interviewing Elements

The virtual interviewing solution includes an executive career portfolio, live virtual interviewing, and the ability to make custom presentations to employers.

Business Case: The virtual interview runs within the framework of the candidate’s executive portfolio and adds value to their brand.

Live Video: Candidates can engage employers in live video interviews, enriching the impression they make and increasing their chances of employment.

Custom Presentation:
During the virtual interview, candidates can also show live custom presentations illustrating their value proposition to different employers using Power Points, graphics, streaming video or web sites.

Our experienced staff provides the professional support that is critical for virtual interviewing success, including virtual interview preparation coaching and guidelines for effective virtual presentations.

1. Client subscribes to an online meeting service.
2. The programming code for the online meeting service is embedded into a special Live Conference page in the client's career portfolio.

3. Client conducts virtual interviews within the branded framework of their career portfolio.


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